Between The Lines

A few notes on how I’m going to proceed with this project. As most of the sources I will be using aren’t just itineraries of the journeys taken, I shall be making a few edits where necessary. Whilst there are some sections of the works that are full of information, I am concerned solely in the route taken and the places visited.

So I shall be cutting out the lengthy sections of legends and historical gossip from the likes of Gerald of Wales and John Leland, and concentrate solely on the places visited and the route itself, and any other places of interest along the way.

I intend to make route maps for each of the journeys using a few different apps, and use a variety of resources to annotate and add depth and colour to the original works.

I hope it will be a useful project; not sure if it’s been done before, but it’ll be nice just as a little research project.

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